how to collect id's via AutoHotKey script

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1) download and click ¹  ( or from the original source  )

2) replace* the sample code  with

f2::       ; OPTION replace f2:: with  !c:: for the shortcut [ALT] + [C] 
Send ^c
FileAppend , `n; %clipboard%, %A_ScriptFullPath%

3) save with [CTRL] + [S]

4) click again the downloaded .exe

5) highlight a twitter id  and hit [F2]

6) in the documents folder you will get a file 1.ahk (or AutoHotKey.ahk) with the collected id's, added always to the end of the file 
; id_1
; id_2
; ...

by clicking the .ahk  files the "open with" diaolog box appears,   choose → notepad

HOW to convert the IDs to html code
with the editor² you can append code to the IDs

search  $0D      
repace code$0D                  ( $0D = end of line  -_-  choose it from  the special char dropdown box )

* you can keep too the sample script code, add the collect code to the beginning.
you can add a reload line before return → the H tray  icon disappears + appears
The script writes the id's to the end of the file

wan't it a little easier →   creates a collect.txt  file on the desktop

¹ 1.exe online scan →

the main coding from